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Special Cargo

Over-Sized Cargo
SM LINE transports various sized and over-weighed cargo (commonly known as Special Cargo) to destinations worldwide by extending the range of containerized cargo utilization. Built and specially designed to accommodate over-sized and over- weight cargo that are more risky on damage occurrence than normal container cargo, special containers provide safe environmental condition for customers' special cargo transportation.

SM LINE fully acknowledges and observes relevant transportation law and regulations and prevents cargo damage with keen attention and close monitoring and makes every effort on both the prevention of problem and the smooth and prompt settlement in case of trouble. SM LINE ensures the utmost care and expertise of special cargo by qualified personnel throughout our logistics network to provide the best quality service.


Over-sized cargo cannot be loaded without confirmation in advance due to various kind, size and weight.

Cargo Details Confirmation

Cargo Dimension/ Weight / Required equipment (Container)
Whether special stevedoring equipment is required or not - Floating Crane/ Barge Trailer
Type of Lifting Sling and Whether Sling Point is marked or not
In case of cargo stuffing in or on the container, possibility to distribute cargo weight equally

Application Format

Ref No. (Booking No.)
Vessel Name/ Voyage
Port of loading
Port of discharging
T/S Port, if applicable
Gross Weight
Container Type and Quantity
Over-Dimensions (Length x Width x Height)
Special Stowage Requirement (On Deck, In Hold, etc)

Suggestion for Customer in Special Cargo Loading Request

Approval or Rejection : At special cargo loading request, customers should submit application to related sales office by at least 4 working days before a vessel arrives at loading port and carriers should notify whether requested special cargo loading is approved or not within 1 working day. In case of proper reasons, a carrier can reject the request of special cargo loading and notify the reason of rejection in written.

Concerning damage-expected cargo due to seawater and others by loading on deck, under-deck top stowage should be certainly required. In evitable case of on-deck stowage by customer's request, especially expensive cargo should be insured with S.O.L (Ship Owners Liability).

Customers should send Drawing/Sketch/Photograph to carriers for operation in loading/discharging port if necessary.

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