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SM Line will play a leading role in the world shipping community through our excellence in Operations, Service and Innovation. This role must be formed on an uncompromising commitment to safety, security, environment and health.

SM Line will do its best to achieve and maintain the highest level of performance by continuously improving associated programs/processes.

  • Provide necessary human and financial resources to manage safety and security risks

    Establish hazard identification processes and risk management processes in order to continuously improve our safety performance

    Provide all employees with all the Information related to safety, security, quality, environment and health, together with adequate training

    Encourage all employees to voluntarily report hazards and operational deficiencies through the reporting system

    Have strict control against drug usage and alcohol abuse

    Hold fully accountable for any employee who knowingly disregards established policies and procedures or who otherwise engages in willful misconduct

    Provide safe working environment

These commitments will be achieved by :

  • Maintain all employees’ awareness of safety, security, quality, environment and health issues and to comply with the applicable laws and regulations

    Continually improve our safety, security, quality, and health performance including preparing for emergencies through regular monitoring and measurement

    Use energy and resources efficiently and protect environment

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