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North America Intermodal Service

With the need to deliver value-added logistics services, SM LINE operates a comprehensive network of logistics and intermodal services around the globe.
SM Line's intermodal service is currently available between between U.S. west coasts and major inland hubs with Union Pacific which is one of the major rail companies in North America. We are also expanding service converage throughout the North America. Contracting with major truck operators has improved SM Line's intermodal service through reliable transportation while suplying real time tracking information to customers.

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001

Each shipment is tracked and monitored by our branch office in Phoenix, Arizona. Also, transportation to inland is based on usage of modernized rail terminals run by top-class rail companies. Particularly, UP-Global Ⅳ, the most advanced rail terminal handles cargoes with first-rate service by integrating rail and truck transportation, distribution and warehousing in one place. The cornerstone of SM Line's premier intermodal service is "the on-dock rail service at Pier-A" in Long Beach. By avoiding the drayage delay and rail terminal congestion, containers will depart on trains to inland destinations within hours of vessel discharge. Supported by the efficient stowage of our vessels, SM Line is able to coordinate with the Pier-A terminal to expedite the rail connection. The average dwell in terminal after being discharged from vessels is less than 48 hours.

Intermodal container movement is based on the ability to double stack confainers for safe movement from orgin to destination. There are rules that govem the safe movement of containers.

01. Hazardous material must have prior authorization from Phoenix Service Center for inland transit.

- Must have proper product identification.
- Must have proper placards.
- Must not exceed legal street weight.
- Must have proper blocking and bracing.

02. Tank containers are not rated same as standard container.

03. Dimensional loads must have prior authorization from Phoenix service Center for inland transit.

- Must not exceed legal street weight.
- Must have proper blocking and bracing.

04. Overweight containers may result in an accident, causing the handler to tip over.
Weight should not exceed container allowable weight.
Not all rail ramps have the ability to scale the weight of containers nor is the ramp equipped with the same "lifting" machines.

Contact Point : SM Line Intermodal Operation Center/585 N Juniper Dr, Suite250, Chandler, AZ 85226, U.S.A
  • Tel: +1 480 588 3200
  • E-mail:,

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