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Shipping Glossary

Shipping Glossary

I.A. (Independent Action)

The right of a conference member to publish a rate of tariff rule that departs from the Agreement’s common rate or rule

I.F.M. (Inward Freight Manifest)

A complete listing of all cargo entering the country of discharge. Required at all world ports. Failure to provide, errors in preparation, or late submittal causes the vessel operator to be fined. IFM is the primary source of cargo control, against which duty is assessed by the receiving country. Since it is a revenue-producing document, it must be accurate

I.M.C.O. (International Maritime Consultative Organization)

A United Nations-affiliated organization representing all maritime countries in matters affecting maritime transportation, including the movement of dangerous goods, bulk commodities and maritime regulations. The organization also is involved in deliberations on marine environmental pollution

I.M.D.G. Code (International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code)

The regulations published by the IMO for transporting hazardous materials internationally


International Standards Organization which deals in standards of all sorts, ranging from documentation to equipment packaging and labeling

I.T. (Immediate Transport)

U.S. Customs document prepared by carrier to allow a shipment to proceed from port of entry in United States to Customs clearing at destination. The shipment clears Customs at its final destination


Inland Transit Extention






International Association of Port / Harbors

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