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Shipping Glossary

Shipping Glossary


Ultra Large Crude Carrier: Oil tanker with a carrying capacity of more than approx. 320,000 tdwcc

UCP (Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits)

Published by the International Chamber of Commerce, this is the most frequently used standard for making payments in international trade (paying on Letters of Credit). It is most frequently referred to by its shorthand title: UCP No. 500. This revised publication reflects recent changes in the transportation and banking industries, such as electronic transfer of funds


Abbreviation for Uniform Freight Classification




unit load device


The space not filled with liquid in a drum or tank


United Nations Dangerous Goods Number: 4-digit number assigned to all dangerous goods by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO)


United Nations EDI for Administration , Commerce and Transport. EDI Standards are developed and support by the UN for electronic message (data) interchange on an international level


Uncontainerizable Goods: goods which are not shipped in containers due to their dimensions/weight but in a different manner. The uncontainerizable goods are e.g. loaded onto flats which are already on deck by means of a floating crane and are secured there


United Nations Conference on Trade and Development having its seat in Geneva. The UNCTAD is a standing relief organisation of the UN. Its main tasks is to outline international trade relations

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