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Shipping Glossary

Shipping Glossary


High Water

Habour Railway

Railway running along the quays of inland and sea terminals for the transhipment of goods from rail to ship and the rail loading services of harbour sheds and warehouses. The Railway Regulations do not apply to the harbour railway since it does not count among public transport

Hague Rules

A multilateral maritime treaty adopted 1921 at the Hague, Netherlands. Standardizes liability of an international carrier under the Ocean Bill of Lading. Establishes a legal “floor” for the bill of lading





Handling Charges

Costs of loading, unloading, sorting, goods control or services of a forwarding agent etc. and/or the amount charged by the shipowner in addition to the sea freight

Handling Out

Disposal of empty containers. Transport by road or rail of an empty container from the depot to the place of stuffing

Harbor Master

An officer who attends to the berthing, etc. of ships in a harbor and related duties

Harbour Costs

The sum of all costs incurred by touching and staying in the harbour (pilotages, towage, moorage, demurrage)

Harbour Dues

Fee payable by the ship for staying in the harbour. The amount depends on the volume of the ship, draft and number of lay days and in Hamburg is charged by the harbour dues office of the port authorities

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