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Shipping Glossary

Shipping Glossary


Voyage charter



Validated Export License

A document issued by the U.S. Department of Commerce. It is required for commodities deemed important to national security, foreign-policy objectives, or protecting domestic supplies of strategic materials. Constitutes permission to export a specific product to a specific party. Exporter applies for license, which must be returned to Bureau of Export Administration after completing specified shipments

Value Added Services

Term used by Hapag-Lloyd for services going beyond the offer of mere door-to-door transport. This includes e.g. customs clearance, storage and distribution of goods, organisation of on-carriage/off-carriage for LCL cargo

Value Clause

Value of the cargo declared in the B/L. If the value is acknowledged by the carrier this results in a higher degree of liability for the carrier in case of damages


value added network

Van Carrier

Lift truck. Special vehicle with own drive for the transport of containers at a terminal

Van Container

Term used in USA for standard containers with ISO dimensions


Stowing cargo in a container

Variable Cost

Costs that vary directly with the level of activity within a short time. Examples include costs of moving cargo inland on trains or trucks, stevedoring in some ports, and short-term equipment leases. For business analysis, all costs are either defined as variable or fixed. For a business to break even, all fixed costs must be covered. For profit, all variable costs must be recovered

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