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Shipping Glossary

Shipping Glossary


National Committee on International Trade Documentation


North Continent Port. Term used for North European ports


North American East Coast


Sailing a ship by determining the respective position and the navigable course

Navigation Fault

Damage caused by faulty management of a ship


North American West Coast

Negligence Clause

Clause used in charterparties stipulating that the shipowner and/or the ship is liable towards the consignee for damages caused by force majeure, errors of the ship's management, crew, stevedores, pilots and other persons servicing the ship

Negotiable B/L (To Order B/L)

B/L names are legal and by endorsement, the shipper can transfer the title of the goods to the bank representing the buyer or directly to the buyer of the goods


North East Asia Maritime Organization


Articles packed so that one rests partially or entirely within another, thereby reducing the cubic-foot displacement

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