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Shipping Glossary

Shipping Glossary

American Bureau of Shipping

US classification society which certifies seagoing vessels for compliance to standardize rules regarding construction and maintenance


Automated Manifest System, U.S. Customs computerized system to automate the flow of customs-related information among customs brokers, importers, and carriers


Asia North American Eastbound Rate Agreement


Austrailia Northbound Shipping Conference


American National Standard Institute

Anti Nos-Dive Leg

Device at the front end of a container chassis for stabilisation so as to prevent possible overturning during stuffing and stripping of a container

Anti-Rack Device

Supports that can be attached to provide additional stability and stiffness to a container's doors and frames

Any-Quantity (A.Q.)

Usually refers to a rating that applies to an article regardless of weight


Australia / New zealand / Eastern Shipping Conference


Additional Premium

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