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Shipping Glossary

Shipping Glossary

Act of Man

In water transportation, the deliberate sacrifice of cargo to make the vessel safe for the remaining cargo. Those sharing in the spared cargo proportionately cover the loss

Actual Carrier

Natural or legal person who is commissioned by the carrier with the implementation of a (partial) transport. During such a transport the carrier acts in the capacity of a contact for his customers. A feeder which may be participating in this transport will then play the role of the actual carrier as same actually transports the load at that point in time. In this respect, an internal relationship is therefore given between the main carrier and the actual carrier

Actual Gross Weight

1. Gross weight of a container (load plus tare). 2. Gross weight of a load including packaging

Actual Payload

Net weight: actual difference between the gross weight of a container and its tare weight

Actual Voyage Number

Valid voyage number: a code number with which to identify a ship's voyage and the ship itself


Asian Currency Unit

AD Valorem

According to value


Asian Development Bank




All sorts of primage, e.g. CAF or BAF

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