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Shipping Glossary

Shipping Glossary

All Risks A

extensive coverage against damage or loss at sea. However an all risks policy does not provide coverage against damage caused as a result of perishing or delay

All Water

Transport exclusively by water


The total price to move a container from origin to destination, inclusive of all charges


A phrase referring to the side of a ship. Goods delivered “alongside” are to be placed on the dock or barge within reach of the transport ship’s tackle so that they can be loaded

Alpha Prefix

Coded letters in front of the actual container number. In most cases the alpha prefix consists of four letters, whereby the container number is usually made up of six digits plus a control digit. At Hapag-Lloyd usually HLCU or HLXU

Alternative Rates

Privilege to use the rate producing the lowest charge


American Marketing Association

Ambient Temperature

The temperature of a surrounding body. The ambient temperature of a container is the atmospheric temperature to which it is exposed

Amended B/L

Requires updates that do not change financial status (slightly different from corrected B/L).


A written notice of a change in the terms of a letter of credit. The change becomes an integral part of the original letter of credit

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